Hot air balloonBecause of the new health care law that starts on Jan. 1st 2014, most Americans will be required to have health insurance as part of the federal health care law (PPAACA). It is generally referred to as Obamacare in the media. The law was enacted upon for those who cannot afford coverage, aren’t offered insurance through an employer, or had a condition that made it impossible to be approved. For those that would be hit with a financial burden, it provides a sliding scale for financial assistance so most Americans can purchase protection for themselves or family members.

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One of the most important aspects of the law is that it now requires insurance companies to provide at least a basic level of coverage for everyone. Features like: emergencies, medications, hospital care, physician services along with preventative and rehabilitation services. They can no longer refuse Americans coverage based on pre-existing conditions nor can they drop you after you become sick.


Individuals and Families


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Being required to purchase something like health insurance can be very costly and thus burdensome to most Americans. To help with the sting the Government is helping with those new costs by way of a subsidy. It works on a sliding scale and help millions of Americans get the care they need. Get a Quote


Small Businesses


Small business owners can be the life blood of a community. They employ the majority of Americans and often find themselves in a competitive environment trying to provide benefits for their employee base. As part of the ACA law you will have access to an U.S. Health Exchange Marketplace specially designed to help you choose and find affordable care for your employees. Read more HERE.