makes it simple to shop for affordable health Insurance for millions of Americans. You can no longer be denied because of a pre-existing condition or canceled because you got sick.  American residents who are lawfully present are determined in accordance with federal law can purchase health Insurance on the U.S. Health Exchange. We have simplified the application process and allow you to search plans online or call the Help-Line (855-485-0900) to connect to a certified specialist to answer questions or help with the online application.

Beginning Oct. 1, 2013, Americans can shop the Marketplace on our website. You can apply online today, but actual effective date does not begin until  Jan. 1, 2016. However. Purchasing health insurance through the U.S. Health Exchange will have many advantages. Because of the new regulations on the Insurance companies needing to create each level of coverage, you will be able to truly compare policies side by side. Many of you will also qualify for federal financial assistance which will lower the costs of your monthly health insurance even further. They make it simple by discounting the price of the plan you choose rather than requiring you to send in a letter for a rebate. Some residents may even qualify for low cost or no cost Medi-Cal. You will benefit from the new laws requirements whether you purchase inside or outside of the Insurance exchange!

eHealthQuest will serve you and all Americans by helping to:

  • Improvements to access quality coverage. More Americans than ever before will have easy access to a wide range of private health insurance plans. More than 5 million Americans who do not have health insurance can benefit from lower-cost coverage. U.S. Health Exchange will help these individuals learn about the health coverage options that best meet their needs. We will also help millions more who are not eligible for financial support, but who will benefit by using our marketplace and the insurance protections that will take effect.
  • Making health care coverage more  affordable. U.S. Health Exchange will help you find out if you are eligible for the sliding-scale financial assistance that helps to reduce your health care costs. If your income is very limited, you may be eligible for federal financial assistance. The new law also helps reduce your costs and hopes to continue to limit those ongoing costs by adding more Americans to the total number of insured.
  • Improving health for Americans. When you have health insurance, you have better access to doctors and physicians to keep yourself healthy and fight off problems before they are truly huge health issues. U.S. Health Exchange works to promote prevention and wellness programs that help all Americans.