US HealthcareeHealthQuest has made it simple to find the business health Insurance you need to stay competitive.  the program know as SHOP is a new place that a small business owner can search for affordable benefits for their employees in one simple online location that has between 1 and 50 employees. The new Marketplace will provide business owners the real ability to compete with other much larger competitors that provide rich benefits as a way to draw better employees.  You are not required under the new law with less than 50 eligible* employees to purchase coverage.

*Currently an eligible employee is  employee is required to work an average of 30 hours per week based on a month of work. You may decide to offer health Insurance  coverage to employees that work less than 30 hours a week, but more than 20 as part of your plan. To find out more feel free to contact our Help-Line at 855-485-0900.

As a business owner, you know you could compete in the labor market better if you provided health coverage and that it could give you leverage when hiring quality employees.

How the new SHOP marketplace could help your business:

  • Loyalty from your current employee base.
  • Productivity could be increase by having healthier employees.
  • Tighter control of money – You simply determine the amount and type of health coverage offered.
  • Tax Advantages – speak to your tax service about potential write-offs.
  • Billing has been made to be easily understood and manageable.

How the new SHOP marketplace could benefit your employees:

  • Choice – It gives better choices to your employees.
  • Support – Contact our Help-Line anytime to answer questions or enrollment decisions.
  • Multilingual – We have advisers standing by to assist in multiple languages.